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What Can Delta Sigma Pi Do For Me?

The Features, Advantages & Benefits…

Historic Diversity, Community Involvement, Lifetime Opportunity, Developing Leaders, Academic Achievement, Leadership Investment

Historic Diversity
For more than 100 years, Delta Sigma Pi has encouraged and shaped the professional goals and personal aspirations of thousands of members. It is quite simply the foremost professional fraternity for men and women pursuing business careers. Devoted to promoting competency and achievement within the field of business, Delta Sigma Pi also facilitates social activity among students, the community, and business organizations. Our purposeful philosophy encompasses all religious and cultural affiliations, includes both men and women, and reaches from coast to coast with over 300 collegiate and alumni chapters and over 226,000 members.

Professional Evolution
Progressing from student to young professional to seasoned business performers, members of Delta Sigma Pi grow far beyond classroom theory through real-life managerial and leadership experience. Sharing each others’ goals, reinforcing common values, and the pursuit of professional excellence as a team builds a bond of friendship – “ not just four years…. for life.”

Community Involvement
Believing that business has both a unique opportunity and compelling duty to contribute to the larger community. Delta Sigma pi is dedicated to making a difference. Frequent community involvement instills deep feelings of brotherhood while developing business skills.

Every year, wide-ranging activities involve members in projects selection, strategic planning, budget development, promotion, and project implementation. Measurable results provide students with reality-based lessons and valuable business insights from which both student and community can benefit.

Lifetime Opportunity
Hard work, shared experience, and social interaction contribute to friendships, which transcends the collegiate career. The network of Delta Sigma Pi members coast-to-coast provides a wealth of business resources, professional contacts, continuing education, and community support to even the newest business graduate. Dynamic alumni groups flourish nationwide.

Embracing professional and personal development as well as community involvement, Delta Sigma Pi chapter to continue to influence and uplift their local communities.

Developing Leaders
Opportunities to experience leadership firsthand abound in Delta Sigma Pi. Chapter officers and committee chairs gain management, budgeting, and supervisory skills on a daily basis.

Fraternity and Leadership Foundation programming includes numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and develop personal skills. A national convention, regional conferences, career fairs, regional leadership schools and a biennial Leadership Academy for top students that offer educational, motivational, career and personal development sessions. Led by respected business leaders, educators, and notable alumni. These events allow business executives to interact with student leaders, future employees, and customers. “Delta Sigma Pi provides for you to maximize your potential.”

Academic Achievement
Demonstrating continuing commitment to progress, growth, and excellence. Delta Sigma Pi funds many educational programs through the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, a charitable organization formed to support educational leadership and scholastic endeavors. It extends financial assistance for scholarships, leadership development and training, and personal and professional improvement of the Fraternity and its members. Funded by individual and corporate contributions. The Leadership Foundation offers many levels of participation for students, alumni, friends, and corporate sponsors.

Leadership Investment
There are few investments with a return as great or far-reaching as membership in Delta Sigma Pi. When you become a Deltasig. You align yourself with the best and brightest men and women in the business world of today and tomorrow. You will gain lifelong friendships and marketable skills that will help advance your professional career. And you will see and be seen by the network of national and community leaders who inspire and determine the course of business today.

You also gain access to financial resources available through scholarships, grants, and student loan funds. And membership in Delta Sigma Pi does not prevent you from joining social fraternities, sororities, or honor societies.

Discover that business and pleasure are inseparable when you share ideas, experience, and achievement with your peers.